I hold a PhD in English Literature from McGill University. My dissertation, “Feminist poetics from écriture féminine to The Pink Guitar,”  developed a model of contagion and sympathy to describe experimental feminist and lesbian writing practices of the 1960s, 70s, and 80s. I explored writings by Chicana, Québécoise, Anglo-Canadian, Anglo-American, Vietnamese-American, and French women. While in Montreal I taught at McGill and Concordia.

I’m a faculty member at Douglas College. I teach introductions to academic writing, poetry, and literature and culture. Previously, I was a full-time sessional lecturer at UBC in Vancouver. In addition to teaching introductions to university writing, to poetry, and historical surveys of British literature, I have also offered courses on: “Virginia Woolf: Feminism, Pacifism, and the Response to War”; “Writing the Human Genome”; “‘A Woman’s Sentence’: Twentieth Century Experiments in Form”; “Poets and Other Monsters;” and “The Private Life of War.” You can find my faculty profile page at Douglas College here. This Winter 2020 I’m teaching English 1130 (with the theme of “Climate Change +  Climate Justice”) and English 1102 (“Rejecting the System”) at the Lam campus at Douglas College. My dear future students: please see my course offerings page for more details on these courses.


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